Talk like an Italian - Thursday edition [SOLD OUT]
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Talk like an Italian - Tuesday edition
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“Gelato” - Gio Gelati for Cook Like An Italian
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Talk like an Italian - Thursday edition
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"The Secret to Perfect Risotto" Deborah Dal Fovo for Cook Like An Italian [COMING SOON]
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"A Taste of Tuscany" - Rudy Rutilio Duran for Cook Like An Italian [COMING SOON]
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Established in 2018, we are an Italian female startup committed to organizing the most authentic events in the Bay Area, promoting Italian culture and Italian food.

Our experiences about Italy are open to everyone, from children to adults. It doesn't matter whether you are an Italian-born wishing to find an Italian community in Silicon Valley or just an enthusiastic person willing to discover more about "il Bel paese".

You are welcome to join our events and enjoy a taste of "la dolce vita".

Follow our blog and social media to stay informed about things to do in San Jose and surroundings, the best Italian restaurants in the Bay Area, tips to relocate in Silicon Valley and other curiosities about Italian traditions.

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We are the promoters of two main formats dedicated to our beloved country:

- Eat like an Italian: a food experience filled with genuine Italian products. Our first 3 editions achieved more than 4,500 participants  

Italian Market: food, wine, arts&crafts, books and flowers. We are running both a Christmas and a Spring edition
 customizing our vendors offering.


We can support you in crafting the best event in the Bay area, with a unique Italian touch. Our main services are:


- Event Concepting and Planning

- Catering Management

- Ticketing

- Graphic Design

- Social Media Marketing Campaigns

- Traditional Local Media Advertising (press, radio, etc.)

- Printing and distribution

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